Welcome to Highland Park.

I have one simple mission: to help those who help themselves. If you value and care for your health and wellness, and if you are motivated to discover the richness and impact of improved health, then I am here to help you find out what is possible beyond the mundane. The fine details of daily health and wellness are my specialty. You are invited to find out what I can do for you, and how I can help you blossom your health experience.

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  • Premium Holistic and Natural Wellness support for the whole family. Resolve symptoms and improve life quality. Improve your wellness and that of your kids, free from the harsh effects of pharmaceuticals.
  • Holistic Internal Medicine, for those with difficult, hard-to-resolve, and often chronic problems. I specialize in complicated problems where others have had no success.
  • Sports/Athletic Support & Trauma Recovery, Pain management, and Chiropractic Support.
  • Support for those with internal development/meditation and Dharma challenges.

About db Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine of Dallas

  • More than 15 years clinical experience with Oriental medicine.
  • A committed specialization of internal medicine, difficult to find among acupuncturists.
  • Among the highest quality in-house herbal pharmacies in Dallas.
  • Pure Oriental medicine based on Tibetan and pre-communistic Chinese medicine foundations of practice.
  • An extremely high success rate for clients who maintain their own commitments to health through treatment compliance.

For more information on David, please see the biography page here.

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I will continue to offer a true premium Oriental medicine service in Dallas.  I believe you will not find more skilled, attentive, and effective acupuncture in all DFW.

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