Occasionally I receive feedback from clients who feel very strongly about their experiences with most medical professionals. I have heard so many stories of suffering people in a doctor’s office, paying for their doctor’s time, and receiving little to no personalized attention. Many feel their questions have not been heard nor answered, and many feel their mission to improve their health circumstance has not been heard nor understood. I find this a real mind-bender that some professionals treat their own clients like this.

My personal philosophy for medical practice is based on clear client-practitioner communication. I need to understand what you really want in order to provide you with the improvements, changes, and resolution you seek. Without understanding what you want, how you feel, and what you are willing to change, I am not truly an ally able to assist you.

I practice by a few basic rules that are a foundation for Holistic practice. The top three are:

  1. Rule #1: Do no harm. (A rule for me, your practitioner).
  2. Rule #2: Do not feed the problem. (A rule for you, the client).
  3. Rule #3: Generalizations do not apply to individuals. (In other words, your case is unique, and mere labels will not afford you any relief. This is a basic rule of the practice of Holistic Medicine).

Additionally, there are a few commitments and promises I make my clients as a serious holistic health professional. I will uphold them as long as I am in practice. Here are a few to know:

  • I am genuinely concerned for your health.
  • I will always be straightforward, direct, and honest with my clients.
  • I never sell a good nor a service that is not required for treatment success.
  • I will discuss options with my clients, and never make significant strategy nor monetary decisions related to their treatment program without consulting the client first.
  • I will do my best to accomplish your goals as completely and as quickly as possible.
  • I will never push any client into being dependent on any of my treatments or products.
  • I will adapt to my clients’ needs. As one’s health changes, treatment requirements will change, strategies change, and the methods of diagnostic evaluation may change. I will do my best to be the best practitioner for the job.

After some 8 years as a licensed acupuncturist, and after more than 15 years as a practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine, I believe that the best I offer clients comes in two ways. First, I focus on my skills as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine to be the best doctor possible. Second, I am honest to a fault, and will do my best to understand your needs and provide effective options for your improvement. Some have expressed their value for an ethical model of practice, so I am simply sharing my own professional ethics for you to see.

Thank you,