Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your specialty?
  2. Are you licensed as a medical practitioner?
  3. Is acupuncture safe?
  4. What does acupuncture treat?
  5. What can I expect during my first office visit?
  6. Are your herbs safe to take?  What about herbs with
  7. Do you treat children?  How do you treat kids?

What is your specialty?

My specialty is Internal Medicine and chronic health concerns. I primarily treat digestive and gastrointestinal problems, menopausal, gynecological, and women’s health issues, and enhanced wellness for those seeking to improve upon their current state of health.  Specializing in internal medicine gives this form of holistic medicine great flexibility to treat uncommon conditions and difficult-to-treat chronic diseases or symptoms that are regarded as untreatable, uncurable, or difficult to treat within the confines of modern conventional medicine.

I also have a rich history of treating those with life challenges in yoga and internal/developmental undertakings such as meditation and Dharma practices of whatever variety. If you need support bridging physical and mental experience, then please feel free to inquire.

Are you licensed as a medical practitioner?

Yes.  I am licensed by the Texas Medical Board… the same Board that licenses all professional medical practitioners in Texas, and I am additionally licensed in Florida by the Florida State Department of Health.  My licenses are current and in good standing.  My license information is: Texas License AC01044 & Florida License AP2567.

Is acupuncture safe?

Yes.  Any individual licensed by the Texas Medical Board is well-trained for safety, and all applied medical supplies and accessories used during treatment are sterile, safe, disposable (one-time use only), and FDA approved for our methods of use.

What does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture treats more than you know, and probably more than you would believe.  I use acupuncture to treat nearly any case that comes in our clinic if I believe it is a safe and potentially beneficial treatment.  The list of conditions treated by acupuncture is extensive.  A sample of such conditions includes: allergies, pain, digestive complaints, colds and flus, sleep problems, fertility, gynecology/women’s health issues, respiratory problems, low or inconsistent energy, feeling excessively hot or cold, skin diseases, stress & tension, liver diseases, stomach symptoms, eye & vision problems, inflammatory diseases, infections, and cancer.  Much more exhaustive lists may be found on the internet if you are interested to see more.

What can I expect during my first office visit?

Like most service providers, we start by gaining information about the patient and their condition, health history, family health history, and some general lifestyle information using a patient questionnaire.  We then follow up with a face-to-face consultation where we can discuss the issues, discover what the patient hopes to achieve, ask more detailed questions, and provide more detailed answers.  Once we have come to a clear evaluation of the situation, we provide a treatment plan option and strategy for achieving results.  At that point the patient and their family have the choice to move forward with treatment, or to consider it for another time if they are unsure about proceeding.  We always support the patient & family’s ability to make their own decision regarding treatment, and never provide pressure of any kind in the clinic.

Are your herbs safe to take?  What about herbs with pharmaceuticals?

Yes.  All our products are cGMP certified and FDA approved for importation and usage according to our scope of practice as set forth by the Texas Medical Board.  cGMP is an international set of current standards for product manufacturing, processing, storage, shipping, and utilization.  This is an important standard that must be maintained.  We only use the safest and highest quality reliable products in our pharmacy.  Our focus on safety is of primary importance.  More information can be read about cGMP standards here and here.  Herb and pharmaceutical interaction is an important part of case evaluation in clinic.  As an herbalist, I am extremely careful about combining these two.  It is of the utmost importance that you fully disclose to your practitioner any pharmaceuticals or drugs you currently take.

Do you treat children?  How do you treat kids?

Yes.  I enjoy treating kids tremendously.  Treating kids with this form of natural medicine is a challenge.  Not all kids are candidates for acupuncture, and I will never subject a child to any treatment of which they are afraid.  Some kids are easy about herbal medicine, and some are not.  Each case is unique, and getting along with a child’s fears and aversions makes the work more demanding, but the reward of successful treatment is great.  Neither acupuncture nor herbal medicine is always required for kids.  My objective is to get the job done successfully without fear or pain.