The following testimonials have been offered by clients without payment or incentive. The content below is not edited.

December 25, 2008 I had all of the standard complaints of women over 50 – no energy, hot flashes so bad I felt I was on fire 24 hours a day, insomnia, irritability, back pain, tight muscles, a general feeling I was operating in a fog.  My doctor  had just diagnosed adrenal gland failure and Vitamin D deficiency.  For Christmas I decided to give myself the gift of good health.

In January I started working with Dr. Brochstein and on his recommendation I also began working with a Gonstead Chiropractor and taking Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons. Dr. Brochstein’s acupuncture treatments. oriental medicines and his approach to cure the cause of my problems and not just the symptoms have given me back my health.  I now have energy to spare, mental clarity and pain relief.  It is September, 2009, I have my health back and for the first time in 10 years I feel comfortable and not as if my thermostat was stuck on high and I had a high fever. In less than 9 months Dr. Brochstein has done more for me than all the western medicine doctors have in 10 years.
– Charlotte F., Arlington, Tx

I came to Dr. Brochstein after 10 years of dermatology completely failing to heal my condition.  My face was covered with red splotches that would dry and flake.  At it’s worst, I would spend twenty minutes after a shower sloughing skin from my cheeks and forehead, leaving me beet red.  After time and patience with Dr. Brochstein, his medicine and instruction on a good way to treat my body outside of his visits the problem has almost completely dissolved.  It restored in me a confidence that allowed me to look people in the eyes and smile without the fear of my skin cracking and peeling.  Dr. Brochstein is an absolute God send and thank the powers that be our paths were crossed.
— anonymous

I came to Dr. Brochstein for many  issues–environmental and food allergies, PMS, depression, anxiety and stress from my ongoing divorce. First, we worked on the digestive troubles from which I had suffered since childhood. With weekly treatments, dietary changes and herbs, I began to see results for the first time in my life.
I had gone to other acupuncturists in the past but Dr. B’s herbal knowledge really made the difference with PMS and horrible dysmennorhea. My stress was more difficult to correct until the cause was eliminated but the treatments allowed me to relax for an hour and carry that calm into the rest of my week.
Results may take a little longer with natural medicine but that’s because it’s correcting the root cause rather than just putting a bandaid over an endlessly festering wound.
– Susan, Austin, TX

Keeping a continuous treatment with Dr. David Brochstein not only solved my initial physical symptoms but lead me to a state of never before seen physical wellness, emotional healing and peace, and a new understanding how my body interacts with the world. The insights I have learned from my treatments are still shaping how I interact and move through this world.
— anonymous

I started with Dr.Brochstein in March 2009 and suffered from extreme internal dehydration and IC (Interstitial Cystitis) problems.  He worked with me on a weekly herbal program along with acupuncture and it has truly changed my life.  I am healthy, my internal organs are working properly and I now am on a program of every three weeks and it has only been 7 months.  Before going to Dr. Brochstein, I had been told that I would have to have a kidney surgery that would require at least 6 months of recovery and since starting my oriental medical treatment, I have none or very little of the original symptoms that I did have.  My quality of life has improved tremendously.
— anonymous

Before going to Dr. Brochstein, I woke up tired and about mid day, had to take a nap just to maintain my work.  I work at home so even though this may not seem like a huge deal, it was.  I was irritable and was very uninterested in anything that required much energy.  Now, I wake up refreshed and ready for my day and am exercising at night and sleeping a full 7-8 hours a night.  Dr. Brochstein has also helped me with my night sweats due to menopause.  I have been able to balance between work and home and enjoy both to the fullest.
In May, my Father passed and I had trouble focusing and sleeping.  After seeing Dr. Brochstein upon my return from my travel, he worked with me with oriental medicine and also acupuncture.  With this program, I was able to get the sleep and focus at work for a normal day.  I also think that my program helped me through the typical depression associated with a death of a loved one.  I can’t express enough how much Dr. Brochstein and my Eastern program has truly changed my life.  This has been a life saver for me.
— anonymous

Before going to Dr. Brochstein, I was taking approximately 10 prescription pills a day, with a blood pressure pill of 50mg a day.  I now take 4 prescription pills a day and my blood pressure pill is now 10mg a day.  My sleeping habits, my eating habits and my work/play habits have improved dramatically.  Seeing Dr. Brochstein often keeps me feeling my best and keeps my core working properly.  I have not had to go to a Western doctor since I started the oriental program 7 months ago.
— anonymous

I had been struggling with my health after a major hysterectomy followed by a bowel obstruction (common after a hysterectomy apparently) and then a year later a 9mm kidney stone. For three years I could not sleep, my blood pressure shot way up, and my hormones had gone haywire. Dr. Brochstein has helped me find a new balance and raised my awareness of how my body works and how to better care for myself. I feel better than I have in years!
I’m grateful for Dr. Brochstein, he is gifted.
– Sally W. Dallas, TX